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Vibrating Urethral Sounds

About Penis Plug UK

As the old saying goes, “Better in than out!” and never has that been truer than when it comes to a penis plug. For some (unenlightened men), the urethra is a terrifying thing, an unknown frontier where nobody and nothing should ever venture. 

However, for those of us in the know, the urethra is a misunderstood and wondrous part of the body which can provide intense sensation and pleasure. With the use of a specially designed urethral sex toy such as a penis plug, prince's wand and urethral sound, you can get deep down inside the urethra to stimulate all the most sensitive parts.

What is Sounding?

At Penis Plug UK, we are huge fans of sounding. If you have never heard the term, “sounding” is the act of plugging the urethra with a penis plug or urethral sound. This can be done either as part of your sexual intercourse or as a way of controlling your partner’s penis in a BDSM relationship. Sounding started out as a medical procedure but it is now done recreationally by millions of people around the words.

Some people enjoy sounding for the sensations created by having a penis plug in their urethra while others like the feeling of the plug filling their penis internally. There are others who wear a penis plug as decorative jewellery just like a cock ring or bar. 

There are different types of penis plugs which are best for each of these uses. For stimulating the urethra, there are various beaded and ribbed urethral sounds and others with different tips, even inflatable silicone sounds! For plugging yourself 24/7, the best choice is a hollow stainless steel sound which will allow urine and cum through. If you are looking for something more decorative, there are plugs and sperm stoppers with rings and other ornamental features.

Whatever your penis plug pleasure, we have something to fit your (ahem!) needs! Browse our full collection and you are sure to find the perfect penis plug for you.

Why is Sounding Pleasurable?

Humans are wonderfully diverse and we all have our own erogenous zones, turn-ons and turn-offs, and for some men, there is nothing more erotic than urethral play. A man’s urethra is full of sensitive nerve endings as is the head of the penis through which it passes. 

A penis plug or urethral sounder is designed to stimulate these nerve endings in the same way that nerves in the vagina or anus are stimulated during penetration. In addition to this, it is possible to stimulate the prostrate if you can deep enough with a urethral sound or wand. This is another incredibly sensitive zone for a man so you can achieve double stimulation which can lead to an explosive orgasm.

What to Consider when Choosing a Penis Plug

Choosing the right penis plug is very important because it will ensure that you get the best possible experience and also that you are not putting yourself at risk. The main factors to consider include:


You can get a penis plug in a range of materials but the most common are stainless steel/titanium and silicone. A metal penis plug is easier to insert into the urethra but a silicone plug is softer and more flexible. Both can feel amazing and really depend on your own personal preference.


As with any penetrative sex toy, size is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a penis plug. This is because a penis plug that is too big can be both difficult to insert and can cause damage to your urethra. If in doubt, play it safe and start with a thinner plug. You can then work your way up to a larger one if you want to.


You can buy a penis plug in a range of different lengths. Some men have longer urethras than others so if this is your first penis plug, you should start with a shorter one and then see if you need something longer. One of the main advantages of a longer plug is that you may be able to stimulate your prostrate with it.


Just like dildoes, there are penis plugs with a variety of different textures including smooth, beaded, ribbed, wavy and studded. Each will provide a unique experience so why not buy a few different ones and see what tickles your fancy?

How to Use a Penis Plug Safely

It is very important that you know how to safely use your penis plug because it can be potentially dangerous otherwise. Here are some tips for ensuring that you have all the urethral fun possible without any risks:

Sterilise Your Penis Plug Before and After Use

This is a crucial safety measure because it will prevent bacteria on the surface of the penis plug which could potentially give you a nasty infection.

Choose the Right Size of Penis Plug

Inserting a penis plug that is too wide for your urethra could cause you a serious injury. As with using a butt plug, it is always better to start out with a thinner penis plug and work your way up to thicker plugs over time.

Insert the Plug Slowly and Carefully

Be very gentle when inserting your penis plug to avoid injury. One of the reasons why the urethra is such a sensitive part of the body is because it is so delicate so treat it kindly and it will repay you in spades.

Use Lube to Enhance the Experience

Using a high-quality lube for both insertion and to make penis plug play more pleasurable is always a good idea as it will reduce friction and help to prevent injuries. Just make sure you choose the right lube. For example, a silicone-based lube should never be used with a silicone penis plug because it will break down the surface of the plug making it a more appealing environment for bacteria.

At Penis Plug UK, we are committed to providing for all your penis plugging needs. Our extensive range of plugs, wands and sounds are all made from the highest-quality materials and come with discrete, safe delivery. Browse our full collection today and we guarantee that you find the perfect penis plug for your sex toy collection.

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