Welcome To Penis Plug UK

Mike here, Penis Plug UK is the next evolution of my own personal journey in the wild world of safe, yet fun, urethral play.

In 2005 I stumbled across a piercing and tattoo studio in Brighton, whilst on a quest for a larger ring to stretch the Prince Albert piercing I had had a few months previously.

I couldn't help but noticed a PA wand on display.

And the shop keeper couldn't help but notice me, mesmerised by the glittering of this perfectly machined stainless steel rod.

He was more very excited to share what was clearly a passion of his own. Once he begin explaining it to me I knew immediately that THIS is what I had been missing. It all made sense now.

I forgot the ring and jumped in the next taxi home to try out my new purchase.

I was not disappointed!

Life has never been the same since, and now I'm here to share my passion with you.