Collection: Penis Plug With Glans Ring

The great thing about a penis plug is that they don't just offer a unique sex toy experience, they can also be used to bling out your manhood. That’s right! There are many different penis plugs that have all the sounding functions of a regular plug but also make stunning decorative pieces, much like traditional penis jewellery. Many of our customers are huge fans of penis piercings and they love getting the same effect by inserting a penis plug with glans ring.

As with regular penis plugs, a glans ring plug is able to stimulate the sensitive nerve-endings that are found in the urethra to provide pleasure as well as a healthy dose of pain (which for some men is the source of pleasure!)

Each penis plug with glans ring is different and our collection includes hollow plugs that can you can urinate and cum through as well as sperm stopper plugs which put your dom in charge of your orgasms. We have classic stainless steel glans ring penis plugs which will make your cock as hard as an iron bar as well as silicone glans plugs which are softer and more forgiving.

Some of the most popular penis plugs with glans rings include:

  • Stainless Steel Angled Beaded Penis Wand - This penis plug with glans ring is made from the highest-quality steel ring and is packed full of features. It has an extra long beaded wand for ultimate urethral stimulation with the wand curving at the end to target the prostate. As well as the glans ring, it also has a decorative steel stopper which will make your cock look awesome.

  • Silicone Cock Ring with Vibrating Urethral Sound - As well as an extra-long beaded sounding wand for stimulating the urethral nerve-endings, this sound takes things to a whole new level with its vibrating function sending waves of pleasure along the length of your manhood. With a vibrating decorative cock ring attached, this is an absolute must-have for every urethral sound collection.

  • Stainless Steel & Silicone Sperm Stopper Penis Plug - The classic design of this glans ring penis plug provides ultimate functionality while also looking great. It incorporates a wide sperm stopper plug to stretch out your urethra and keep your orgasms under control with a decorative glans ring and steel ring attachments. 

  • Silicone Sperm Stopper Penis Plug - This silicone penis plug with glans ring is also classically designed with a thick sperm stopper plug and two different ring attachments to fit you perfectly. The high-quality material means it is soft and comfortable inside your urethra and can be easily cleaned and looked after.

  • At Penis Plug UK, we use only the best quality stainless steel and silicone for our glans ring penis plugs and urethral sounds. We also offer free next-day shipping on all orders and deliver across the UK. 


    With so many fantastic glans ring plugs, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite today and we will have it in your hands and in your urethra in no time at all!