Collection: Female Urethral Sounds

Urethral sounding is sometimes thought of as being exclusively for men and their penises, but there are countles women (and their vaginas!) who love it too. While there is one function that female and male urethral sounds don’t share (as women have no penises to make harder) all the other benefits of sounding are share by men and women.

First of all, urethral sounds stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in women’s urethras in the same way that they do for men. Many female urethral sounds have wands that are beaded, braided or textures in other ways so that they work like a textured dildo or a ribbed condom. The bumps and beads massage the inside of the urethra creating incredible sensations which can heighten orgasms and produce multi-layered orgasms.

Female urethral sounds are also very popular in BDSM play as they can be used to punish and pleasure female subs. Some people are particularly sensitive to sounding and can find the experience uncomfortable or even a little painful. Of course, there are many BDSM practitioners who get off on pain and so female urethral sounds are ideal toys for satisfaction.

Female urethral sounds can also be used in possession or chastity play. A dom can use a female sound to keep their sub plugged up. This will ensure that the sub’s vagina is out of bounds until their dom has use for it. Hollow urethral sounds mean that the sub can urinate through it meaning that it can be left in 24/7 for chastity and domination purposes. Hollow female urethral sounds can also be used to pour liquids into the urethra such as during piss, spit or cum play.

At Penis Plug UK, we want to ensure that our female customers have the same huge range of toys to choose from that our male customers have. That is why we have put together a wide collection of different female urethral sounds for you to peruse and add to your sex toy box.

All of our female urethral sounds are made from 100% high-quality stainless steel. This is the best material for urethral sounds as it is completely non-reactive, non-toxic and won’t cause any irritation or allergies. Stainless steel is easy to clean and will last you years of sounding fun if you look after your urethral sounds.

Our female urethral sounds come in various sizes and designs. We have hollow and solid sounds as well as sounds with different textured wands and plugs. These include beaded and ribbed wands, each of which provides a different sounding sensation. 

We also have female urethral sounds that come with decorative ring stoppers so that they can be worn as body decoration without the need for a clit or labial piercing. This means not only will your urethral sound feel fantastic, but it will look great too.

All the female urethral sounds in our range at Penis Plug UK come with free next-day shipping across the UK. We package all our items in discreet packaging so you won’t have any issues with jealous neighbours of delivery men.