Collection: Hollow Penis Plug

At Penis Plug UK, we offer far more than just regular penis plugs. We have a range of different plugs with different designs and functions. Some of our customers’ favourite plugs are hollow penis plugs and they have become among our bestsellers for a number of reasons.

First, many men enjoy the sensation of urethral penetration. A hollow penis plug is generally wider than other plugs so it both stimulates the nerve ending and also stretches your urethra out for an intense experience. For other men, sounding can be a painful, uncomfortable experience but they get off on that pain. This is why hollow penis plugs are such popular toys among practitioners of BDSM.

Second, a hollow penis plug works like any other penis plug and makes your cock absolutely rock hard. This can enhance sex and masturbation, take your bedroom performance to another level and can also reduce the chance of premature ejaculation or erection failure. 

Third, a hollow penis plug allows you to pour liquids directly into the urethra. Some people use their hollow plugs for piss play, cum play and spit play with their partners during sex and BDSM activities. 

Finally, because you are able to urinate and ejaculate through a hollow penis plug, you can keep it in your urethra all day. This means that you can use your hollow penis plug 24/7 as a chastity or decorative device and for around-the-clock sounding sensations. Many BDSM subs keep a hollow plug in all the time for pleasure or punishment until their dom allows them to take it out.

We have a number of different hollow penis plugs for you to choose from. These include:

  • Extra wide hollow penis plugs - These hollow plugs stretch your urethra and are ideal for inserting liquid into your urethra during piss, cum or spit play.

  • Braided penis plugs - These penis plugs have all the functions and benefits of a standard hollow plug but with a braided textured wand which creates pleasurable sensations inside your urethra.

  • Chastity cock cages with integrated hollow penis plugs - Cock cages and chastity devices come in a range of different designs and with additional features but these cages with an integrated hollow penis plug will keep you locked up both externally and internally.

  • Hollow penis wands - Extra long hollow penis wands come with specially-designed sword-like handles so your penis wand acts like decorative jewellery for your cock.

    Each hollow penis plug in our collection is made from the highest quality stainless steel or medical grade silicone. These materials are non-reactive and non-toxic so they won’t cause any harm or irritation to your urethra. As with all penis plugs, be careful when inserting your hollow plug, particularly if you are new to sounding or if it is a larger plug. 

    We offer free next-day shipping on all orders so browse our collection and purchase your new hollow penis plug today!