Collection: Vibrating Penis Plug & Urethral Sound

At Penis Plug UK, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of different penis plugs and urethral sounds to suit all of our customers’ needs. That’s why we have such a huge collection of different plugs with interesting designs and features for you to choose from. 

While every item in our collection can provide serious thrills, a vibrating penis plug or urethral sound can is able to deliver sensations that are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

As with a regular vibrator for clitoral, vaginal and anal play, a urethral vibrator send out waves of vibrations. When you insert your vibrating penis plug or urethral sound into your manhood, these waves will stimulate all of the ultra-sensitive nerve endings that are located in the urethra. This can help you to reach a unique climax, get your penis rock hard and ready for sex and can also be used for pleasuring or punishing your sub.

The great thing about a vibrating penis plug is that it is able to reach spots that are out of bounds for normal vibrators. One of the sensitive parts of a man’s body is the prostrate and an extra long vibrating sound will be able to stimulate it directly. This can help to create a multi-dimensional orgasm which can be absolutely mindblowing!

We have a range of different vibrating penis plugs and urethral sounds to choose from, each providing a unique vibe. These include:

  • Pink silicone vibrating urethral sound - This vibrating sound may look simple but it packs a serious punch. Made from the highest grade of silicone, it is soft and comfortable to insert with vibrating functions that will drive you wild!

  • Black Silicone Vibrating Urethral Sound - This toy has 7 different vibrating functions to suit different people’s vibing requirements. It is made from high-quality silicone so it feels great and is also waterproof and ultra-quiet.

  • Silicone Cock Ring with Vibrating Urethral Sound - This vibrating urethral sound may only have one speed vibrating function but it makes up for this with extra features that are unique among our vibrating toys. This urethral sound has a beaded wand for extra stimulation as well as an integrated vibrating cock ring so that you get those sweet vibes both internally and externally.

    All of our vibrating plugs and sounds are easy to clean and maintain and as long as you look after your toy, it will provide you with years of pleasure. Just remember never to use silicone-based lube with your silicone vibrating penis plug because it will degrade the surface of the toy. This can make it uncomfortable to insert and also increase the chances of bacteria forming.

    As with all our products, each vibrating urethral sound and penis plug comes with free next-day shipping across the UK. All vibrating plugs and sounds are packaged discreetly so there is no risk of a jealous neighbour (or postman for that matter) stealing your new toy!