Collection: Urethral Sounds

Are you looking for something to push your boundaries with? Have you and your partner started experiment with BDSM and you want some new toys to take it to another level? Urethral sounds are the ultimate way to spice things up in the bedroom.

What are Urethral Sounds? 

Similar to the Penis Plug, Urethral sounds are sex toys that can be used for urethral penetration. They started out as medical devices but now many men use them for sexual pleasure and experimentation. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. The urethra is incredibly sensitive can stimulating it with a urethral sounds can be very pleasurable. Urethral sounds are designed to reach all of the sensitive nerve endings inside your urethra and extra long ones can also reach your prostrate and help you to experience a multi-dimensional orgasm. They also make the entire penis more sensitive during masturbation, oral sex and penetration.

  2. Some men find urethral play uncomfortable or even painful but this can be great for BDSM lovers who get off on that pain. A urethral sound can be used for adding a little pain to your masturbation or for punishing a disobedient sub in a BDSM relationship.

  3. Urethral sounds are great toys for chastity and bondage play. Similar to how you use a chastity belt or cock cage, a urethral sound can be the perfect way to control your partner’s cock so they are only allowed to use it when you take out the sound and give them permission.

Using a Urethral Sound

Our extensive range of urethral sounds are perfect for both solo play and sex with your partner. They can be used to enhance your masturbation by making the penis ultra-sensitive which is also good for oral sex, vaginal sex and oral sex (depending on the type of sound you are using.)

Urethral sounds are among the most popular BDSM sex toys because they can be used to give pleasure, pain and to control your sub’s cock. You can take charge of their penis and ensure their chastity and loyalty. We even have hollow urethral sounds so your sub can keep their sound in 24/7 and still be able to urinate (and ejaculate!) without taking it out until you say so.

Different Types of Urethral Sounds

Our urethral sound collection has a number of different type of sounds including:

Hollow urethral sounds

Hollow urethral sounds allow you to urinate and cum without taking your sound out. You can also use a hollow sound to pour liquid into your urethra to create unqiue sensations.

Stainless steel urethral sounds 

We have a huge range of stainless steel urethral sounds in a variety of different lengths, girths and textures. The stainless steel is 100% non-reactive and so these urethral sounds can be used with no irritation.

Silicone urethral sounds

Silcone urethral sounds are softer and more flexible than stainless steel sounds providing a gentler experience. Perfect for newbies and experienced sounders alike.

Vibrating urethral sounds

For the ultimate sounding experience, our vibrating urethral sounds will send waves of pleasure up and down your cock all day long. 

All of our urethral sounds come with fast, discreet, reliable delivers. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping for your new urethral sound today!