Collection: Sperm Stoppers

Everyone enjoys urethral sounding for different reasons. For some, they like having their urethra filled or stretched out. Others like the sensations that penis plug penetration creates. For many men, however, the best part of urethral sounding is the feeling of having the cum stopped or giving control of their ejaculation over to their partner.

Sperm stoppers are specially designed penis plugs which are designed to do just that. They prevent semen from being able to squirt out leaving it trapped in your urethra. Classic sperm stoppers are made up of a rod connected to glans ring. This ring goes over the head of the penis with the rod inserted into the urethra. The rod many be thick or thin and have different textures for various sensations but its main job, as the name suggests, is to stop sperm. It is usually a shorter rod than you get with other male sounding toys but this does not affect the intensity of a sperm stopper.

One of the best things about sperm stoppers is that they are suitable for every man to use. The short length of the rod means that they don’t go too deep inside your urethra so they are perfect for small and large penis alike. They are also great for sounding beginners to start out with before moving on to bigger toys. The only issue you may experience is that many sperm stoppers have balls at either end of the rod. Inserting these balls can take a bit of getting used to but after a few tries you should be fine.

It is a common misconception that only circumcised men can wear glans rings but this really isn’t the case. While a circumcised penis means that the ring can be worn without any obstacle, if you are not circumcised you can either wear the ring on top of your foreskin or pull it back and wear the ring underneath.

However, there is one safety consideration that you need to be aware of before using a sperm stopper. They are designed to prevent cum from being released which means that the cum will be trapped in your urethra and can even be pushed into the bladder. While this is not usually dangerous, it can be uncomfortable and even a little painful. The best advice is to not retrograde ejaculate too often and you shouldn’t encounter any issues. If you are worried, ask your doctor for their go-ahead (don’t worry, doctors have seen it all!) and reassurance.

All of our sperm stoppers are made from the highest-grade stainless steel and silicone which means they won’t cause any allergies or irritation. We offer 100% free shipping on all our sperm stoppers so the sooner you make your order, the sooner we will have your brand new toy in your…possession.

With so many to choose from, what’s the delay? Choose your new sperm stopper today and take your sounding adventures to a whole other level!