Collection: Princes Wand

Of all the various types of piercings, tattoos and body modifications, there are few so iconic as a classic Prince Albert. There are three types of Prince Albert depending on where the hole is made:

1. Classic Prince Albert

A Classic PA is when a hole is made underneath the penis at behind the glans. This hole connects to the urethra with the jewellery being inserted through the connecting hole.

2. Reverse Prince Albert 

A Reverse PA, as its name suggests, is when the piercing is inserted through the urethra but comes out of a hole behind the glans at the top of the penis rather than underneath.

3.  A Deep Shaft Reverse Prince Albert

This is very similar to a Reverse PA except that the piercing comes much farther down the length of the penis shaft.

All of these piercings look fantastic and there is a huge amount of different jewellery that can be worn in your PA. Not wanting to be left behind, Penis Plug UK offers a range of different penis plugs that can also be inserted into a Prince Albert piercing. Each prince's Wand in our collection provides all the uses of a traditional penis plug or urethral sound with the added bonus of being worn as decorative Prince Albert jewellery.

We have a range of different prince’s wands for you to choose from. These include:

  • Stainless Steel Beaded Prince's Wand - This prince's wand is made from 100% high-quality stainless steel and features an extra long beaded plug to reach right down to the end of your urethra. It has a hollow plug so you can urinate through it and is fitted into a Prince Albert piercing with a removable ball-topped thread.

  • Silicone Braided Urethral Sound With Plug - This silicone prince’s wand comes in different lengths and with different size glans rings and Prince Albert attachments. It is made from 100% silicone so it is comfortable and easy to insert and has a beaded shaft to stimulate sensitive urethral nerve endings.

  • Alloy & Silicone Cum Through Wand Penis Plug - This hollow prince’s wand penis plug provides a range of different functions making it one of our most versatile toys. Its hollow tube wand is 4mm in diameter meaning you can easily urinate or cum through it while its metal stopper incorporates a glans ring, a decorative handle and a PA piercing. 

  • Each prince's wand in our collection is made from either high-quality stainless steel, medical-grade silicone or a combination. These materials are both non-reactive and non-toxic so they can be safely worn 24/7 as jewellery. They are also really easy to clean and look after so your prince's wand will last you for years of urethral pleasure.

    All our prince's wands come with free next-day delivery to wherever you are in the UK. We provide reliable, discreet shipping so that you will have your new prince's wand in no time and in perfect condition.

    Browse our full range and choose your favourite prince’s wand today!