Everything You Need to Know about Penis Plugs

Imagine a sleek, sexy little gadget that fits right into your urethra and creates sensations like nothing you have ever experienced in your life. We’re not talking about some scary medical instrument - we are talking about penis plugs, and they are about to become your favourite new sex toys. Penis plugs come in different shapes and sizes but they all share one mission - to go where no sex toy has gone before and create a universe of pleasure.

penis plugs

For all you unfortunate souls who have yet to discover the wonders of urethral play, here is everything you need to know about penis plugs. 

What are Penis Plugs?

As the old saying goes, the clues in the name. Penis plugs are…plugs…which are inserted into the urethra and are designed to stimulate the galaxy of nerve endings inside. From ultra-thin beginner-friendly penis plugs to more adventurous ribbed and beaded variants, there is a penis plug for every occasion. They come in a range of body-safe materials including stainless steel and medical-grade silicone and are guaranteed to add some extra zing to your solo sessions or partner sex. 

What are Penis Plugs Used For?

This is a question we are often asked by curious penis plug newcomers. These shiny little miracle workers serve multiple purposes, all designed to crank up the pleasure volume to eleven ( a little Spinal Tap joke there…)

Urethral play (also known as sounding)

First and foremost, penis plugs are used for urethral play, the sound of which may make you wince, but can actually be a thrilling roller coaster ride. By stimulating the huge number of nerve endings in the urethra, an area typically neglected in sexual activities, penis plugs can seriously dial your orgasms up. 

BDSM fun

Secondly, penis plugs can add a spicy sprinkle of BDSM to your sexual encounters. How? Some plugs have a hollow centre, known as a cum-through, allowing for ejaculation and urination during wear. This can prolong your playtime and adds a layer of control and submission to the mix. Essentially, your partner can plug your penis, use the plug to tease and erotically torture you and not even allow you to remove it when it comes time to…cum.

Erotic jewellery

And last but not least, penis plugs can seriously bling your thing and act as a piece of erotic jewellery with no need for a piercing. Some penis plugs come with sparkling gems or intricate designs to offer a visually pleasing element for both the wearer and their partner.

How to Use a Penis Plug

While penis plugs may seem like they're exclusively for the 'D' owners, they're not. Everyone - from cis males to trans folks to BDSM enthusiasts - can experience the joys of the mighty penis plug. 

When it comes to using a penis plug, cleanliness really is next to godliness so begin by thoroughly washing your hands and cleaning and sterilising the plug. Apply a water-based lube generously to smooth things along (you really cannot use too much!), then, with gentle patience, insert the plug into the urethra. Take it slow and once you’re in, experiment with different depths, motions and sensations. 

Safety should always be at the top of your list of priorities so never force your penis plug. Allow your body to tell you when it’s had enough and always be generous with the lube. If you experience any serious discomfort or pain, stop immediately, carefully remove the plug and try again later.

How to Choose a Penis Plug

Choosing the right penis plug is all about experimentation but also easing your way in. If you are a complete beginner, look for a shorter, thinner and smoother penis plug. This will help you learn what works for you and what doesn’t. As you get more comfortable, you can explore a wider range of textures, designs and lengths. Remember that everyone is different so the most important thing is always finding the penis plug and sounding technique that gives you the most pleasure, not trying to push yourself beyond your limits. 

Final Thoughts

Exploring unchartered areas of your body can be as fascinating as uncovering the secrets of the universe - and a penis plug can be your personal spaceship. Penis plugs are fun, adventurous and more than a little bit naughty. Just remember - as with any sex toy, the most important thing is to listen to your body and, most of all, to enjoy the journey. With so many fantastic penis plug options available, you are sure to find one that pushes all the right buttons.