Hollow Penis Plug 101: The Definitive Guide

For the uninitiated, the world of hollow penis plugs may sound like an alien concept or a scary surgical procedure. However, for those well-versed in the nuanced art of urethral play, hollow penis plugs allow for an invigorating exploration of pleasure. Hollow penis plugs serve a range of erotic purposes, from enhancing sexual sensations to ramping up BDSM play to redefining the boundaries of intimacy. 

hollow penis plugs

Whether you're a curious novice or a seasoned veteran of urethral sounding, this guide aims to illuminate every aspect of the hollow penis plug experience. So brace yourself for an exciting journey into the unexpected.

What are Hollow Penis Plugs?

In the simplest terms, hollow penis plugs are cylindrical devices designed for insertion into the urethra. Created from body-safe materials like stainless steel or silicone and with various shapes, sizes and designs, they were originally used for medical procedures but are now used around the world for urethral naughtiness. From the standard straight design to more exotic and adventurous ribbed or beaded varieties, there is a hollow penis plug to suit every preference and level of experience.

What Makes Hollow Penis Plugs Unique?

The hollow core that runs through these plugs is their standout feature. This isn't a manufacturing blunder or aesthetic quirk; it is an intentional design choice that allows for the passage of fluids, which can enhance sensations during use and extends the range of playtime possibilities. 

For men, it means ejaculation and urination are possible without removing the plug, enhancing the intensity and duration of orgasms. For all genders, hollow penis plugs can be used to play with liquids of different temperatures or consistencies.

How to Use a Hollow Penis Plug

Using a hollow penis plug is really straightforward but it does require patience and the right preparation. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1: Cleanliness First

Begin your journey by cleaning and sterilising your hollow penis plug and washing your hands. Hygiene isn't just sexy, it's essential for urethral play, especially when liquids are going in and out.

Step 2: Lube, Lube, Lube

A generous amount of lube on both the hollow penis plug and your urethra ensures a smooth ride. Use a water-based lube because this is body-safe and won’t react with your plug.

Step 3: Easy Does It

Insert the hollow penis plug gently and gradually. If you experience any pain or severe discomfort then stop, try to relax, add some extra lube and try again. Everyone is different so if there is a lot of resistance, don’t try to force it.

Step 4: The Adventure Begins

Explore the unique sensations and experiment with different actions. Some people like to use their plug like a dildo while others like to put one in during sex or masturbation. When you are ready to pop your champagne, you can keep your hollow penis plug in and shoot your load through it. 

How to Choose the Best Hollow Penis Plug

Choosing the right hollow penis plug requires careful consideration and each comes with its own unique blend of characteristics. Here are some of the most important features:


The material of your hollow penis plug plays a crucial role in comfort and safety. You want to opt for body-safe materials like stainless steel and silicone that not only feel good but also minimise the risk of any adverse reactions. Stainless steel offers a heftier weight and a smooth glide, whereas silicone provides a softer, more flexible experience.


When it comes to hollow penis plugs, it is always better to start small and gradually increase as your comfort and experience levels allow. Remember that a bigger plug isn't necessarily better. It is about what feels right and fits your body comfortably. 


Variety is indeed the spice of life and there is a vast array of hollow penis plugs to choose from. From a smooth hollow penis plug that slides in with ease to a beaded plug that offers little bursts of pleasure along the way, different plugs provide unique pleasure potential (try saying that ten times quickly!)  

Final Thoughts

Exploring the uncharted territories of your urethra can be a life-changing journey so next time you are feeling a little adventurous, reach for a hollow penis plug. Just remember to listen to your body, use a generous dollop of high-quality lube and have a little patience. And when it comes to the big money shot, rest assured that you can leave your hollow penis plug exactly where it is for an intense, unparalleled climax!