How to Use a Penis Plug With Glans Ring

Diamonds are a girl's best friend but what about the boys? When it comes to male jewellery, penis plugs with glans rings put the todger in Tiffany’s! Glans ring penis plugs are more than just bling for your thing; they are unique toys that can be used for a whole universe of different sexual escapades. If you are new to the world of plugs, sounds and genital jewellery, you may be wondering what these toys are all about.

penis plugs with glans ring

Well, don’t worry because we have you covered! 

From urethral stimulation to ejaculation control, here is how to use a penis plug with glans ring (and why you should buy one today!)

But first…

What are Penis Plugs With Glans Rings?

Before we get started on the many uses of glans ring penis plugs, let us first explain exactly what they are. Penis plugs with glans rings are multipurpose pleasure devices designed for both pleasure and decoration. As their name suggests, these devices feature a penis plug for urethral play and a glans ring to provide a snug embrace and act as a stunning piece of genital jewellery.

Penis plugs with glans rings can be used by anyone with a penis for solo play and partner action. They come in a variety of materials, sizes and designs, offering a whole palate of intense sensations.

What are Penis Plugs With Glans Rings Used For?

Like all the most loved sex toys, glans rings penis plugs are multifunctional pleasure factors. Just some of their uses include:

Urethral Stimulation

The plug part of the device is all about exploring the uncharted territories of urethral pleasure. This all too often neglected spot is packed full of sensitive nerve endings and a little penis plug exploration will send delightful shivers coursing through your body.

Frenulum & Glans Stimulation

The glans ring adds an external touch to these penis plugs, embracing your penis head and stimulating the frenulum. This is one of the most sensitive parts of your manhood and can lead to explosive climaxes. However, it can also help with…

Delayed Gratification

A snug glans ring can also delay ejaculation, giving your greater control over your orgasms and turning your playtime into an enduring pleasure marathon. 


Penis plugs with glans rings are the ultimate fashion-forward accessories for your penis. What is even better, is that you don’t even need a piercing to wear one. Simply slip it over and into your fella, and you will look as bling as a king!


You can also turn the heat up in your BDSM games with these devices. Whether you're a dom looking for control or a sub craving submission, a penis Plug with glans rings is perfect for teasing, torture and titillation. 

How to Use Penis Plugs With Glans Rings

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, here's how to unlock the treasure trove of pleasure that is a glans ring penis plug

Step 1: Clean It Up

Start with a clean slate — or rather, a clean plug, glans ring and penis. Hygiene is a must for all and any urethral play so use soap and warm water or a special toy cleaner to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

Step 2: Lube is Love

Don't skimp on the lube. Make sure the plug and your urethra are well-lubricated using a water-based lubricant.

Step 3: Positioning

Comfort is key when sounding (the technical word for urethral play), particularly if you are new to it. Find a position that offers easy access to your penis and allows you to let gravity do the work.

Step 4: Slow Insertion

Gently and slowly, insert the plug into your urethra. It is really important that you don’t rush or force it in because you could damage your urethra. Take it nice and easy and if you experience any resistance, relax, add a few more drops of lube and try again. 

Step 5: Ring it Up

Once the plug is comfortably in, slide the glans ring down to rest snugly at the base of your penis glans. You can now use it for urethral stimulation or leave it in for sex, masturbation or just to look great!

Final Thoughts

So if you are ready to give your manhood the royal treatment it deserves, to sport the swankiest intimate accessory, then a penis plug with glans ring is an absolute must-have addition to your sex toy arsenal. Available in a range of designs, in body-safe materials like silicone and stainless steel and even with extra features like vibrating capabilities, glans ring penis plugs can transform your naughty times!