Is Urethral insertion safe?

To be honest, urethral insertion isn't good-looking. At first sight, it looks like a scary movie. But then, these times are filled with many unique sexual orientations, and urethral insertion has become a norm. Many BDSM practitioners enjoy it because they climax easily and derive painful pleasure from it.

What is Urethral insertion?

Urethral insertion is a unique sexual practice where an active partner inserts sex toys into their partner's urethra. However, this is just at face value, things are more complicated than this. The practice of Inserting items like urethral sounds into a urethra is delicate and one must be careful about the many dangers involved in this process.

Medical uses of Urethral insertion

Medical urethral insertion is the first kind of urethral insertion known to man. Medical urethral insertion involves using probes or sounds to navigate the length of the inner urethral. This is ideal for exploration and treatment purposes only. A vital aim of this urethral insertion is to aid in clearing all impediments and enlarge the urethral lube. This avenue makes it easy for the person to pass water via the lube.

Recreational Urethral insertion

Recreational urethral insertion involves when people buy their urethra probes and penis plugs. An insertion like this is done to derive maximum pleasure and sexual climax. It feels good to have an object stretching the urethra lube. This can help put some intense pressure on the nerves. Therefore, even when the tube doesn't give you the pleasure you want, the insertion process will. The feelings you will get from the continuous sexual insertion will be deeply intense.

Dangers of Urethral Insertion

Urethral Insertion can be complicated because it is a highly sensitive and delicate sexual activity. Practitioners of this activity should expect certain risks during the process.

The popular risk that can happen during urethral insertion is bacterial infections. In both genders, urethral cells are prone to infections easily. This is common especially when foreign objects are inserted. The ideal solution is to properly clean and sterilize all urethral toys before Inserting them.

Moreover, you could also feel pain via sores. This is caused in several ways. When a urethral toy is rusted or damaged, the surface will be rough. A rough urethral toy is bad for any sexual activity. Your best bet is filing the toy before insertion or buying a new urethral toy.

Furthermore, you need to avoid being too rough while using these toys. Anytime you are using a penis plug, avoid pushing them roughly. Rather just push them gently inside. Sometimes, you might be stuck during insertion, when this happens, just rotate clockwise and try again.

Another way you can damage your urethra is when you refuse to use lubrication. Urethral on their own doesn't emit any lubrication, therefore insertion might be a problem because it will be dry. Using a good lubricant will make it easier for your sex toy to slide in and out without any problems.

Urethral insertion is a safe avenue as long as you practice safe sex. Ensure you take proper care of your sex toys, don't rush the or your process, and always seek your partners' consent.