Is Urethral play painful?

Urethral play is a popular sexual activity among BDSM enthusiasts. For beginners, the first reaction might be fear and uncertainty because they aren't used to it. Urethral play can be painful, however, it's usually when it's not done correctly. 

However, when you follow the right steps and procedure, it's quite intense. Here are some guidelines about the usage of urethral sounds and other toys which will make this sexual activity pleasurable.

Some advice on practicing BDSM

When it comes to sexual fantasy, you have to understand that pain makes some people enjoy sex more than others. Paying attention to your body before engaging in sex is crucial. This is to know your limits and how far you can endure pain during sex.

Toy Size

When it comes to urethra play, the size of your penis plug is crucial. While the penis plug size varies and can reach the depth of your body, the diameter of the toy is more important. Ladies have a shorter urethra body system than men.

Furthermore when talking about diameter, thickness helps to elicit more intense sexual pleasure. Going to girth is not recommended and could stretch your urethra too much. 


Most urethra toys are smooth, however, some can be coarse. Textured sex toys are great and will help give you a different sensation when using them. Ensure your urethra is stretched enough before experiencing thick urethra toys.

Inserting toys comfortably

Another huge consideration when using urethra toys is the manner of insertion. One huge factor is the lubrication. The urethra produces its lubrication to guard against bacteria. However, this isn't enough for smooth insertion. You will need to get an excellent lube before you put any toy in your urethra. Ensure that the lube is closed if you require to apply more quantity during sessions.

Moreover, when we are talking about insertion, you need to be comfortable. Many sex toys take a while before it goes in. When you rush the insertion process, you might get bruised. Most toys will slide into the urethra without much trouble. When you feel that the toy is painful and doesn't slide in easily, this means it's too big for you. Also when you try an average size toy and it doesn't fit in, you will need to stretch your urethra.

Furthermore, when you are learning urethra toys, the depth should be the last thing on your mind. When you succeed with a few inches in, that's a good sign. You will now learn how to go deeper with time.

Safety warnings

You should be aware that while using these toys, you might feel some pain. This is normal, because like other body parts, stretching your urethra might cause soreness. However this shouldn't be frequent and if you regularly feel pain or uncomfortable when using these toys, you might be too rough.

Always take care and clean your urethra toys to enjoy them. Moreover, it's advisable to regularly sterilize it to be safe. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, and urethra sex provides an intense sexual feeling.