Lubricants for Urethral Play

When engaging in sexual intercourse, lubrication is important to have a safe sexual activity. With lubrication, it's important to use the right lube to avoid painful or sore sex. Asides from that, using the wrong lube type or not using lube can cause dire consequences. Also, you could be exposed to infections and bacteria which can cause damage. 

Let's talk about lube, why you need to use the right lube and the best ways to apply lube during urethra play with a penis plug.

Why do you need lube?

When you try to put a sex toy into the urethra without lubrication, there will be a problem. While the urethra comes with some natural lubrication, it's not enough for your sexual exploits. This is a problem with people who don't use lubrication with urethral sounds.

Moreover, even when pain isn't your forte, lubrication will make sex easier. Many urethra sex toys won't push you to your limit unless it is stretched enough.

Lubricants are also useful when you have a long duration of urethra sessions. While some lubricants might dry up faster, others take time before it dries. Water-based lubes are prone to dry quickly because of their ingredients. If you aim to wear it for a while, you should buy silicone based lubes.

Comfortable for longer durations

Lubricants come in three major types: silicon, water and oil-based silicone. The ideal one for you depends on your personality and the variant of the lube you use. While some are smooth, others are coarse. Some are easier to clean, others are thicker and take time to clean.

Different types of lubricants

Every lubricant for the urethra has its differences, therefore the one to use depends on you. The best urethra lubricants are :


This type of urethra lubricant is made of mineral oil and is combined with thickeners. Depending on the brand you buy, some extra particles might be added such as graphite, disulfide and molybdenum. Greases mix well with certain oil lubricants which makes them a good choice. The main downside of this is its sticky nature and sometimes it causes stains.


This type of urethra lubricant is great for beginners. They are the best type of sexual lubricants to buy. They are very slippery and are light. These oil-based lubricants can be put on penis plugs so that you can insert them properly. They are created to last long, how beer they come at a price.

Dry lubricants

These types of variants reduce friction in all forms. You can find them in spray forms and you can mix them with alcohol or volatile solvents. They come in various forms and are affordable.

Don't use saliva

Avoid using saliva as a lubricant because it dries fast. While it might help get the sex toy inside quickly, the dryness is fast. When you want to remove the toy, then comes the problem. The pain you will suffer will be intense and cause damage. Moreover, you can even produce the saliva amount for the entire toy size.

When engaging in urethra sex, using the right lubrication is important. Using the wrong tube can cause pain and sad experiences.