Princes Wand Uncovered: The Ultimate Guide

Every penis is a noble gentleman and they all deserve royal treatment. But how do we bestow upon the penis the honour it deserves? Enter the world of princes wand penis plugs, the crown jewels of urethral sounding and dick decoration. These multi-functional sex toys/fashion accessories will take you to new orgasmic heights and add a certain sparkle to your tower of power.

princes wand

In this ultimate guide to princes wands, we will give you all the information you need about why these unique penis plugs are absolute must-haves!

What are Princes Wands?

Princes wands, also known as princes wands penis plugs, sound like something straight out of an erotic fairytale. These exquisite devices are part urethral sound, part piercing jewellery and 100% kinky goodness.

Crafted meticulously, Princes Wands are elongated, rod-like devices designed to be partially inserted into the urethra. They get their name from the threaded hole in the middle that can accommodate a Prince Albert piercing. Princes wands can be solid or hollow (allowing for liquid play) and come in various lengths, diameters and materials with many models featuring a decorative ornament on the end.

The Many Faces of Princes Wands

Princes wand penis plugs are impressively versatile devices that can be used for a regal array of different functions:

Urethral Stimulation

Like a dutiful royal guard, Princes Wand Penis Plugs stand tall, pleasuring the royal shaft from within. They can be used for stimulating the nerve endings inside the urethra or can be inserted to boost orgasm power during sex or masturbation.

Piercing Play

Ever fancied taking your Prince Albert to the next level? Princes wands provide an exhilarating connection between piercings and urethral play with the thread that goes through the piercing holding the wand in place while you sound yourself silly.

Aesthetic Appeal

There’s nothing more majestic than a decorated penis and with a princes wand, you won’t just feel like royalty, you will look the part too. Some of the most impressive princes wands even feature stunning jewels turning your penis into a horny sceptre. 

Control and Power Dynamics

Roleplaying king and the servant? Princes wands are the perfect BDSM tools for exploring power play and can be used to brand, punish or pleasure your subjects.

How to Use a Princes Wand

The great thing about princes wands is that they welcome everyone — as long as you have a penis and a pinch for the prurient. Here is a simple guide to royal rogering:

Step 1: Polish the Jewels

Before you get started, clean and sterilise your princes wand and wash your hands thoroughly. This will prevent any unwanted bacteria from entering the royal tunnel.

Step 2: Lubricate Generously

The royal decree is clear: Never skimp on the lube! Ensure your princes wand is coated with a generous layer of a good quality, body-safe lubricant to help it slide inside.

Step 3: Position Yourself

Find a comfortable position and ,ake sure your royal sceptre has easy access.

Step 4: Insertion

Slow and steady wins the race. Gently insert the princes wand into the urethral opening and let your body guide it in. 

Step 5: Enjoy

Once the princess wand is in place, explore the sensations it offers and bask in the royal glory of urethral pleasure. Move the wand gently or leave it static and enjoy the profound sense of fullness. The kingdom of orgasm is yours to command.

Remember, princes wand penis plugs are all about pleasure, not pain. If you feel any discomfort, pause and reassess. As for safety, always ensure sterility to keep infections at bay. And if you're enjoying the royal play with a partner, always have a safe word.

How to Choose the Best Princes Wand Penis Plugs

Selecting the ideal pinces wand requires some careful consideration. Here is what you need to think about: 


Stainless steel is the material of choice for princes wands. It is body-safe, durable and has a regal shimmer that will add to the glamour of your noble friend.


If you're new to the royal court of urethral play, start small. As your comfort level increases, you can ascend the royal ladder to larger, more substantial princes wands.


From the minimalist to the flamboyant, the realm of princes wands offers designs to suit every royal preference. Some come adorned with gemstones while others offer more understated elegance.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it - our royal decree on princes wand penis plugs. Princes wands combine pleasure, power and aesthetics to take your sexual adventures into a realm of regal debauchery. So, bring a touch of royal splendour to your treasury of desires and add a princes wand to your sex toy collection.