The 5 Best Urethral Play Toys for 2023

Urethral play is getting more and more popular all the time and every year there are new urethral play toys and penis plugs hitting the market. 2022 was a massive year for urethral play toys and we were honestly wondering if it could be topped but this year’s early releases are set to do just that! In fact, the new urethral toys that have already come out are indications that 2023 is set to be the most exciting year ever! But what are the must-have items to add to your urethral toy collection?

From vibrating urethral sounds to ornamental ringed penis plugs, here are the 5 best urethral play toys for 2023. 

1. Stainless Steel Ringed Penis Plug

We love urethral play toys that are as beautiful as they are functional and this Stainless Steel Ringed Penis Plug ticks all our boxes. There is so much about this toy to get excited about. First, it has an extra thick 10cm plug with an 8mm diameter to stretch your urethra for maximum stimulation. This plug has horizontal grooves all along its length to push all your buttons on the way in and out and is completely solid to prevent urine and cum.

It also has a stopper ring and a glans ring which will make your head ultra-sensitive, seriously enhance your ejaculation and also doubles up as stunning cock jewellery. A versatile penis plug toy that does everything you expect of a high-quality urethral play toy and looks great too!

2. Inflatable Silicone Urethral Sound

Urethral play toys have come a long way since horny folks first started experimenting with medical urethral sounds. Since then, there have been so many innovations in urethral toy technology but inflatable urethral sounds are definitely some of the more exciting. Inflatable urethral sounds are great for beginners and experienced sounders alike because they can allow you to slowly and safely stretch your urethra. 

This urethral sound is extra long with a textured wand for deep penetration and heightened sensitivity. Once you have inserted it all the way, all you need to do is start pumping the integrated pump to stretch yourself to your absolute limits. The perfect toy for urethral training, BDSM torture, urethral stimulation and saving money on multiple-girth urethral sounds.

3. Stainless Steel Beaded Prince’s Wand

This Stainless Steel Beaded Prince’s Wand is one of the most versatile, multi-functional urethral play toys we have ever seen. In fact, unlike most Prince’s wands, this one can actually be used by two people at the same time! That’s right, it is actually designed with two integrated shafts, one a beaded wand with 8mm-10mm ball bearing beads, and the other a classic 10mm stainless steel rod. The beaded wand is perfect for stimulating all the sensitive nerve endings inside the urethra while the rod is a serious stretching toy.

To use this Prince’s Wand for partner play, you can insert the rod into your urethra and secure it in your Prince Albert piercing using the stem and ball attachment. Your partner can then use the beaded wand for their own urethral play and it is suitable for male and female play. The rod part of this Prince’s Wand is also completely hollow so you can keep it in 24/7 and urinate and cum through the tube. A beautifully designed urethral play toy for men, women and partners and definitely one of the most innovative. An absolute must-have for every urethral sound collection.

4. Silicone Cock Ring With Vibrating Urethral Sound

The world of sex toys is full of incredible vibrating devices from rampant rabbits to bullet vibes to vibrating cock rings and butt plugs. Vibrating urethral sounds are relatively new technology and it’s fair to say we absolutely love them! The urethra is full of sensitive nerve endings so internal vibes can pleasure you in ways you have never experienced before and create explosive orgasms.

This Silicone Cock Ring With Vibrating Urethral Sound is one of the most exciting urethral play toys we have ever seen. It is made from 100% body-safe silicone which along with stainless steel is the highest quality urethral sound material. It features a 17.5cm beaded wand with the beads gradually increasing in length the further you insert the wand. These beads coupled with the sweet vibes will stimulate all your urethral nerve endings while the wand is so long, it can also stimulate the prostate for multi-layered pleasure.

You can use this toy like a regular urethral sound, wear it like a vibrating cock ring or do both at the same time. It can even be used for partner play with one person wearing the cock ring and the other playing with the sounder. As with the Prince’s Wand above, partner play urethral toys are really starting to take off so this multi-person vibrating urethral sound gets a big thumbs up from us!  

5. Stainless Steel Ringed Chastity Penis Plug

Even regular urethral toys can be used for chastity play but this combined chastity cage and penis plug is the ultimate device for ensuring your sub’s innocence.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, it incorporates a classic ring chastity cage with a hollow cum-through penis plug. The device has an integrated lock and the plug can be removed if you want to use the cage without it or just use the plug on its own.

The great thing about the cum-through penis plug is that you can keep the chastity cage on and the plug inserted 24/7. This makes it a great cage for newbie chastity and urethral players alike because you can give the keys to your master or mistress and let them decide when you are allowed some freedom! An awesome urethral play toy and one of many fantastic chastity cages with penis plugs released in recent times.

As you can see, 2023 is set to be a landmark year in the world of urethral play toys. We have tried to include something for everyone on this list but these really are some of the most exciting penis plugs and urethral sounds we have ever seen. Now, we are just looking forward to what the rest of the year has to bring!