Types of Urethral Toys

For sexual partners seeking a fresh and unique fantasy, urethral toys can be an ideal way to go about it. These toys are small and can only penetrate some inches into the urethra. Since everyone has different tastes when it concerns sex, finding the right one for you is recommended. Let's look at the four kinds of urethral toys, their designs and sensations.

Penis plugs

This is a traditional urethral toy that most BDSM beginners use to experiment. The penis plug is usually smaller sized and can only go a few distances into your urethral. You will find that they have some rings and a T-bar which can impede movements during intercourse.

Moreover, this penis plug is made from silicone or stainless. Also, the specifications vary according to their brands. Some of these plugs are smooth which makes insertion easy. While others have rough edges which can provide sensations around the nerves. Sometimes the shape will offer the same for the girth length. You could also see some which are tampered providing deep stretch when inserted.

Furthermore, there are simpler designs which are meant to be worn for an extended period. This type allows body fluids to pass through them when they are used.

Urethral sounds

Urethral sounds are common urethral toys which can be found easily. The health benefits of this sex toy attract everyone irrespective of status. Recently, they are now used because of more recreational benefits.

These sounds are bigger than penis plugs and can reach depths which plugs can't. They are mainly made from stainless steel, although there are variants made from silicone. The normal design of this toy is a large rod that can be inserted into a urethra.

Also, there are traditional sounds which are simple rods with some versions Shaped differently to provide several sensations. Variants of these sounds are hank sounds, Hager sounds, prat sounds, rosebud sounds, sitter sounds and Van Buren sounds.

Sperm stopper

The Sperm stopper is more like a hybrid of cock ring and penis plug. The ring section is around the penis and glans across the body frenulum. A sperm stopper is a little ball around the curved am. They are made from stainless steel. They have similar variations to the rings and are usually longer.

Prince Albert Piercings

These are unique urethral toys because they are permanent on the body. When you insert it on your body, this piercing can be worn anywhere. Prince Albert Piercings offer similar sexual stimulation like other others. However, users need to be more committed to them.

This piercing varies, while some are rings, others are just simple barbell balls. A prince Albert piercing can be worn by women and this version is called princess Albertina piercing.

Urethral Toys are toys which can be used to achieve an intense sexual feeling. However, before using any of the above-mentioned sex toys, you should consider your partner, your level and how far you want to go. 

Also, choose urethra toys with good texture and material which won't cause soreness or pain. Taking care of these toys will increase their shelf life and make you have a regular sexual sessions.