Urethral Sounds: The Ultimate Guide

You've heard of mood music, sound baths and ASMR, but have you ever plunged into the offbeat harmonics of urethral sounds? The name itself may be enough to make your knees wobble but here's the thing: people around the world are strumming their biological strings with these fascinating gadgets and riding waves of ecstasy like never before. Intrigued, confused and a little squirmy? Then, you're in the right place. 

urethral sound

Let us explain the profound pleasure potential of these unique devices in our ultimate guide to urethral sounds.

What are Urethral Sounds? Deep-Diving into the World of Inner Space

When we talk about sounds, we don’t mean Beethoven's Fifth or the soft purr of a contented cat. Urethral sounds are long, slender instruments used initially in the medical field for dilating the urethra. But as humans love to explore new frontiers so we've taken urethral sounds out of the sterile white room and into the intimacy of our bedrooms.

You may be forgiven for thinking that urethral sounds look like sleek, scaled-down versions of a submarine telescope. Indeed, the brave pioneers who first explored these depths deserve credit for their curiosity and courage. But they were rewarded with sensations that cannot be created with any other kind of sex toy play.

Urethral sounds come in a range of materials including glass, stainless steel and silicone and with different textures and designs. Some have ribbed lengths for extra stimulation while others are hollow for liquid play or come with vibrating functions for intense pleasure. There really is a urethral sound to fit every…desire.

Unlocking Euphoria: What are Urethral Sounds Used For?

Now that we've explained what these gadgets are, you may be sitting there scratching your head and wondering, "But what do urethral sounds actually DO?"

Well, urethral sounds have two main purposes – a medical one and a more...let's call it "recreational" one.

Medically speaking, urethral sounds are used to dilate the urethra. They help doctors navigate the narrow canal of the urethra to locate and remove any obstructions or to provide treatment.

Now, let's park the medical bus and jump into the pleasure of urethral sounding. In the realm of adult play, the stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings inside the urethra can lead to heightened pleasure during sexual activities. The urethra is packed full of these nerve endings which are connected to the female clitoris and G-spot. Some women like to penetrate their urethra deeply while others prefer to play gently with the opening.

Likewise, for some men, the pressure applied to the prostate during sounding can also result in an intense orgasm. Some men climax just through the act of sounding itself while others use a sound to super stiffen their erections for other sexual play

How to Use a Urethral Sound: Strumming Your Strangest String

Anyone can enjoy the pleasure of urethral sounding. Male, female, non-binary, solo players and couples – the mighty urethra sound doesn't discriminate. It's all about personal pleasure and exploring an often-overlooked erogenous zone.

Here is how to use a urethral sound safely and pleasurably:

1. Prepare your sound 

Start with clean hands and a sanitized urethral sound. You are diving into unchartered territory here and the last thing you want is stowaway bacteria.

2. Grease the pole

The urethra is a sensitive spot (to say the least!) so any way to smooth things along is definitely worth it. The easiest way to make insertion…easier…is to use lube - lots of lube! While there are many different types of lube available, water-based lube is usually the best choice because it is body safe and won’t damage your urethral sound. 

3. Go slow

Sounding is a bit like a seduction - it takes time and gentle persuasion. This isn't a race; it's about pleasure and new sensations. remember, if you feel pain, your body's telling you something. Listen to it, slow down, add another dollop of lube and try to relax. If the pain persists, stop.

4. Experiment with different sounding motions

If everything is going well, it’s time to experiment. You can try sliding the sound in and out of your urethra like a dildo or penis, exploring your deepest spots with an extra long sound or keeping your urethral sound in while masturbating or having sex. Everybody’s different so have fun and see what works for you. 

5. Clean up 

After your sounding session, ensure your urethral sound is thoroughly cleaned and stored properly for next time!

Final Thoughts

Urethral sounds are like tiny, metallic conductors for your own private symphony of sensations. Just remember that if you are new to the world of penis plugs or sounding, there is no need to rush. Start off with the smallest urethral sound possible, experiment gently with different techniques and work your way up to bigger sounds and more intense play. While it may be scary at first, sounding can seriously expand your erotic horizons.